wood flour and wood chips

Known worldwide

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The best quality - since 1950

At P.W.I. Industries, we manufacture quality hardwood sawdust, woodflour and wood chips renowned worldwide. Our products are the result of the optimum combination of selected raw material, advanced technology and over 50 years of experience.

Anyone can make sawdust, but to make quality sawdust is an art in itself !

wood flour and wood chips

in a wide array of sizes









Superior quality

« Evidence of our customers' satisfaction is the key to our success », stated Pierre J. Samson. P.W.I. Industries Inc. is the optimal combination of three generations of experience with the dynamics of the latest technologies. Because of the continuous need to improve its products and services, the company has established quality standards, processes and procedures in accordance with the ISO 9000 standards to which it is accredited with QMI since 1998.

Logik-ê heating products

35% more energy efficient, for all types of stove, fireplace and hearths, produces more heat and lasts longer, clean and no insects, less ash residue, less smoke, no firebrands, bark free, low humidity level (4-8%), produces less creosote, releases less polluting emissions than regular wood logs, requires less storage space, and helps slow the process of deforestation.